Mobile Service of Japan’s Biggest Social Network Gets 100 Million Page Views A Day

Mixi is the biggest Social Network Service in Japan. Recently, they’ve been strengthening their mobile presense by allowing users to invite others over the phone (Mixi is an invitation only SNS).

By fully opening up messaging (previously only offered to paying members) and invitations (a new feature) last december, mobile usage skyrocketed.

Currently, the mobile service alone has 2.3 million users while the entire service has 6.6 million users. Daily pageviews for the mobile version alone is now roughly 100 million pageviews a day.

Mixi is more similar to VOX than MySpace in that it’s major feature is to share diaries with various levels of friends (friend, friend’s friend, all). Currently you can’t post videos, audio, or even customize your profile. Although it does have a robust community/groups functionality.

During it’s IPO, Mixi’s stock reached a valuation of roughly $2 billion (222 billion Japanese yen).

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