Mind the Gap! OS X 10.4.9 can be Evil

Unless I was abducted by aliens whilst my mac was being tampered with, I can say for a fact that this past week has been challenging after installing the 10.4.9 update.

Somehow I ended up reinstalling the entire OS X on both the macs I own and I was getting more beach balls than a crowded ocean in Japan. Good grief!

It was definitely something that I wasn’t aware of as a relatively recent switcher. Basically, shut down every open app and don’t touch anything else whilst updating. If possible wait a while for the rough patches to get ironed out.

The fact is, macs run fine when you don’t touch them so the need for an update is always minimal. However, most mac users are always preoccupied with staying current so they usually like to have their mac up to date.

If it’s a big update, not only do you want to wait but also try the “combo updater” instead. It will usually have more of the kinks worked out and provide a smoother experience. You can also redo botched updates with the combo updater too.

Even though I had everything working again after doing whatever it is that I managed to do, I still reinstalled with the combo and ran all maintenance tasks with MainMenu. Now everything seems all good.

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