Million Dollar Avatar – get hits or die tryin’

This could be big or just die in some kind of void but you can’t say it’s not an interesting idea. Despite the domain and tag line this isn’t a clever get rich scam. Basically, you register your avatar and homepage then the site will randomly rotate a certain number of avatars on the site.

I think it has some potential to catch on. Definitely, get in on the action while you can. I think a lot of bloggers are more receptive to the idea of promoting their avatars now that MyBlogLog is going mainstream.

A suggestion to MillionDollarAvatar: let us pull our avatars from MyBlogLog or Gravatars (if they’re up now).


MDA is a web solution, built on AvatarConnect – an avatar based social networking platform I developed during those 3.5 weeks I previously mentioned. At it’s core MDA is an advertising service, but I added a few twists to provide users and members a more enjoyable experience. MDA was created to become a tool for users to advertise their own site(s) and find new sites (companies, blogs, MySpace band pages, etc). The “fun” aspect of MDA is the “random” features. The goal for members is obviously getting noticed. The easiest ways to get noticed on MDA is by getting your avatar onto the homepage or backpage and into The Daily 20. Those locations offer the greatest amount of user traffic and work best in driving users back to your site. That’s the core of MDA – getting your site traffic. Hence the tagline – get hits or die tryin’.

Million Dollar Avatar – get hits or die tryin’