Meme: What’s Your Web 2.0?

The venerable engtech has started a meme and I was promptly tagged by Webomatica. Usually I’d look the other way as a big fat link in my dashboard beckons me but I feel so guilty for neglecting this blog that I’ll gladly join in.

Daily Use

  • WordPress (kinda)
  • Google Analytics
  • google
  • Gmail
  • Twitter
  • Remember the Milk
  • That crappy web app I’m developing (wouldn’t call it usage though)

Weekly Use

  • Mixi (Japanese MySpace/Facebook)

  • torrent sites


  • random stuff

Surprisingly, I find myself largely moving away from the web aside from email. My largest time sink is RSS and I get my fix from NetNewsWire. Even for my daily list I use a healthy mix of Dashboard widgets and desktop apps to access the data and visit the website or web interface on an as needed basis. I’m still spending an unhealthy dose of time in front of the monitor but I find myself drawn more to the web as a massive database in the sky rather than for the interface. I mean a nicely designed desktop app serving as the front end for databases and the web interface providing ubiquitous access as a backup plan is the wave of the future in my opinion.

Lately I find myself thinking in terms of “the next big thing” after the web that goes beyond any “point oh” definition. It might be a cross between what we currently have and the matrix. To me that would be a rich interface that goes beyond the standard CRUD type of applications and scalable social systems (imagine having thousands of twitter friends and only being served the twitters you only the most important/relevant posts that frequently surprise you).

Anywhoo, I’m going to dead end this meme.

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