Matt Cutts Answers Your Questions (Video & Transcript)

Matt Cutts, the googler of the moment and master of all things search, has a video series where he answers questions. Peter T Davis has made these available as transcripts and Caydel is doing a nice job of adding value by proofreading them and putting it into a more readable format along with the original video as well. Caydel will be putting up more as he goes through them so stay tuned!
People are asking Matt all kinds of questions from the general to really specialized questions. Whether they get a straight answer or not is for you to decide but you got to admire Matt’s accessibility and openness for a large corporation like Google.

It’s an interesting read because it illustrates a basic tenet of contemporary web development. You create for Google and you create for your audience. Simple but in some ways sad.

So, instead of going into an incestuous circle of hashing and rehashing, here are the links:

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