March Big Blogs Earning: John Chow Wasn’t the King

March blog earnings are trickling in. It seems that John Chow is inspiring others to push their earnings higher. This month, Connected Internet edged out John Chow to earn an amazing $8,913 by significantly increasing direct ad sales. He more than doubled earnings in less than a month.

This goes to show how important it is to both build content and traffic before monetization (John Chow ran without ads for the first year) then trying to get as many direct ad sales as possible.

Personally, I believe that John Chow is playing with fire in some areas by doing borderline stunts to up his stats and revenue such as a variety of Technorati stunts (that almost got him banned), google bombing of sorts (by running review exchanges with “make money” anchor text), and outsourcing all his ReviewMe reviews to other bloggers (as guest posts). I’m not trying to criticize but merely pointing out that it may alienate some readers who come to read the blog for stuff written by John Chow.

Will John Chow be able to make a comeback and reclaim the throne as the number one earner?

Grand Total: $8,913.49 ($3,907.67)

MYBlogEarnings For March 2007 | Connected Internet

Total Blog Income For March 2007: $8,545.25

Make Money On The Internet – March 2007 « John Chow dot Com

MyBlogEarnings for March 2007: $3204.29

MyBlogEarnings for March 2007: $3204.29