Mac OS X Leopard, Where’s the Whoa?

I’ve been combing the Mac OS X page frantically searching for some really new and crazy feature of the next release but haven’t found anything. I was a bit enticed by the “TOP SECRET” features alluded to by Steve at the last keynote. The so-called “300+ new features” look more like refinements.

Now I’m not trying to hate on Apple or anything but the fact is OS X has reached a level of maturity and completeness that makes it hard to do anything that really screams of anything completely new. A lot of the “features” listed are more or less design refinements (like putting more shadows and tilting the background so). The sure are pimping the CoverFlow technology they bought in every interface they can put it in like the finder.

I was truly hoping that they’d add something to the mix like Quicksilver (which is unstable as hell for me) to launch apps or change the workflow.

That’s not to say that it’s insignificant. There’s all kinds of code being written in the background to make the system more stable or add more innovation to the core. However, it’s more likely we’ll see some snazzy new features in a third-party application like Delicious Library. However, there really aren’t many developers capable of pushing the envelope like Wil Shipley.

Whatever the case, I’ll have to get my hands on this before I reach a conclusion but it’s clear that there’s more effort involved in one-upping yourself when you’re Apple. I mean, imagine the leap from Windows XP to Windows Vista. Whatever comes after Vista will have to be extra good. Fortunately for Microsoft, they can do things like make Vista actually work or make it more stable. For Apple, those things are a given.

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