Lost Season 1 Post Mortem

I kind of dismissed Lost after watching the pilot episode. A plane crashes into an island and over 40 people survive? Including a dog? Engine’s still spinning on a beach and sucks up a hapless survivor to make a milkshake. I pretty much gave up on the show right there.

Then people around me kept watching it and recommending it so reluctantly, I started checking it out again. One thing about these hit shows that I felt, whether it’s Prison Break or Supernatural is, I don’t think these show creators were prepared for their shows to last more than one season. I get the same feeling with Lost, I like how the stories interweave and go back between their lives on the island and what led them there. But at the same time it gets a little crazy with polar bears and spirits. There may even be aliens. It’s like the producers are throwing a bunch of stuff out there so they can check up on the internet to see what people are saying and go from there.

I also find myself kind of detached from the characters. Jack was kinda cool but then he started getting a bit bossy and overwhelmed. Kate’s past is just way too dirty for me to give her any sympathy. Locke is a nut job. Sahid is cool but he’s too much of a British gentleman type (I don’t know why they cast an Indian as an Arab), Hurley’s funny but that’s about it. I kinda like Sawyer but I can’t really explain why. It’s amazing how the flight managed to assemble such an entourage of people with very serious issues.

I’m a little confused after season one. I guess I’ll just have to give it another try next season.