Links for the Day

I’m going to start posting links I just can’t digest or have enough of an opinion to turn into a separate post.

Vecosys – a conversation about European startups: A nice article on OpenID and future directions to prevent phishing.

GigaGamez » Archive Mainstream Money: Casual Games Double Ad Revenue «: Keep the games short, sweet, and simple. Provides a quick draw for more revenue.

10 Sides to a Software Development Project: This would be way more funny if it wasn’t so true. Ouch!

ROI Revisited | twopointouch: web 2.0, blogs and social media: As blogging becomes an acceptable way to make money, naturally people will figure out more ways to financially forecast success.

Net Business Blog » Blog Archive » 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Make an “I Got Dugg” Post: Save your bragging rights and save your blog

BBC NEWS | UK | Magazine | The loser’s guide to getting lucky: Even losers can get lucky if you show them how » iPhone versus Prada (KE850): separated at birth? You decide. Side by side specifications.