LinkedIn or LeashedIn?

Is LinkedIn going too far?

This isn’t the first rant that I’ve read against LinkedIn and certainly wont be the last. They either wont let go of you or spam you. Now this is serious stuff when your professional reputation is at stake. Making it too easy to get referrals and introductions doesn’t help anyone in the long run (just ruins some peoples reputation, not to mention the service).

They need to step up the game and give more control to the professionals that have valuable connections. Is LinkedIn being too aggressive in order to consolidate their position as the leading professional social network?

Most social networks place a value on sheer numbers (most friends = most popular). Clearly, this is not the right model for professional social networks. Spamming your own users is not cool either.

Then I had people start forwarding me requests for introductions and also getting introductions from other people. When I would ask my friends about the person they all said Ohh I dunno him I just forwarded the request… GREAT. Now these are not just random idiots that forwarded me the requests they are well respected industry friends.

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