Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang was one of the funniest films I’ve seen recently, mainly for the sharp dialogue between Downey, who plays a small-time crook that gets mixed up into a Hollywood audition when a robbery goes wrong, and Val Kilmer who plays a Hollywood private detective that’s also gay. Downey finds himself mixed up in a murder mystery that also coincidentally involves his childhood dream girl who escaped their smalltown to Hollywood.

I think the movie would have done better to lay off of the self-awareness of Downey talking to the screen or stopping the movie. It would have been way better if they cut that smartness out and did more with the characters because there was a really good flow between the two actors.

It’s hard to describe just what it is in print but the exchanges between Downey and Kilmer are really funny with Downey the clueless crook and Kilmer, the sarcastic yet witty know it all. Their timing and tone is just perfect. It’s too bad this film was slept on but it’s one of the few movies where I really thought it was beautifully shot from the title sequence down to the end. I really liked the opening visuals though it was somewhat reminiscent of the Ocean’s series.

It’s not all comedy. There are some serious overtones with the undercurrent of Hollywood’s viciousness and shallowness. Truly a boulevard of broken dreams. Are people really shallow and vicious or is Hollywood a place where people pretend to be what they’re not, leaving behind and hiding their true selves?