Just Signed Up for ReviewMe.com

After reading from my blogging neighbor Reeverb.com that he signed up for ReviewMe.com and John Chow earned $2,250.00 from ReviewMe just for the month of February 2007 alone, I decided why not. Some A-list bloggers spit flames at the whole idea of writing a blog post for money with some calling the rival “PayPerPost the sidewalk hookers of the blogosphere” due to their somewhat vague disclosure policy. I have to admit putting that ReviewMe ad in the sidebar does give me that dirty feeling a bit but there are a lot of blogs I respect doing it so you never know until you try it (although that’s also how people get into drugs). Who knows, I might not get a request for some time at the price of $100.

I’m a pretty passionate beta tester for some services I like so I figure, if I do stick to my convictions and only accept offers I’m comfortable with and commit to doing a fair review even the readers can benefit. Plus, these reviews will never take over the entire blog.

I wonder who’ll be the first to buy a $100 review…