Just Give Me My Computer on a Stick

I was out and about for two days and could only sneak in some internet time here and there. Not that it was a bad thing to get away. I really wish I could just have my mac on a stick that I could plug into any brand of PC and have my environment.

I hear that there will be some kind of portable account thing for the next generation of OS X but I forget if that was speculation. However, when less than 5% of the population is using a Mac that really doesn’t help.

If they can strip down OS X to fit on a phone, they can probably fit it onto a USB stick that you could plug into anywhere. Even an iPhone like PDA with a folding keyboard would be great.

The thing is even though I can do most my regular stuff through the web interface it’s not only inefficient but frustrating since I have to remember all my logins and passwords. I sure hope someone comes out with a solution because I hate toting a notebook.