is Not Really an Overnight Success

One of the blogs I’ve been reading a lot lately is John Chow’s. His site seemingly came out of nowhere to become a highly trafficked blog earning $2,790.05 a month!

John Chow has built up a portfolio of good web content. He’s posting tirelessly but somehow keeps the quality high. It’s one of the few blogs out there that can really hold your attention and fascinate you. He has a talent for making even the most mundane subject matter interesting, his frankness about making money is refreshing, and his revenues look tantalizing.

He’s humble and accessible enough to give you hope that you too can achieve a similar feat. Yet it’s obvious that he has a unique talent.

His blog went from nothing to internet success in the space of a few short months. Still, it’s far from an overnight success. You might not think so looking at the graph on this post but if you look at the archives you’ll see that they date back to December 2005. The man has posted no less than 638 articles from December 2005 to December 2006 which comes to an average of 49 per month or roughly 1.6 per day. That along with the fact that he’s been consistently making money off of the web since 1999 should tell you he’s no Johnny come lately.

His blog simply got a big break in the form of several good diggs that ended up getting him banned and thereby joining a very prestigious club indeed. It wont matter anymore because they’ve already set the John Chow juggernaut in action.