It takes two to Tango Indeed

Yahoo recently wrote about how they implemented “Digg-style voting” on one of their suggestion boards. While it’s great to see the big boys taking cues from social media to make the feedback process with customers more transparent and relevant, sometimes admiration goes a bit too far.

Check out this screenshot (click for the larger version):


Copying the voting even with the thumbs up is fair game because well how original is that? The thing that caught my attention is that the color scheme and layout is remarkably similar. It’s like a designer showed them a mock up and the executives green lighted it on the spot without thinking of the repercussions.

For a large company like Yahoo! to not only borrow a little too much from the top runner of the genre and then proclaim it to the world on their official blog as making progress is just a bit too much.

Of course, this is just the kind of fodder to get the Diggers frosty-mouthed and the submission hits the front page quickly and soon the Yahoo! Autos Suggestion Board gets defaced.

Maybe it’s wrong to slap a sensationalist title on something that’s otherwise lame and not worth attention but maybe it’s even lamer not to come up with a more original spin on an idea and even the design and color scheme. Oh well.

The fact is social news sites take these things personally and will mobilize against you. I don’t think it’s a bad thing though because now Yahoo! gets tons of free publicity and feedback too!  Just think of it as a late Valentines.

We call it a Suggestion Board — you can browse suggestions from other site visitors or post your own. Digg-style voting means we can quickly discover what’s most important to users. In addition to reading feedback from other users, you’ll find responses from Yahoo! employees about the issues. Product teams regularly read and take action on your feedback.

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