Is That an Oversized iPod Touch?

MacBook Air. I have a theory that Apple’s product naming scheme is getting inversely more crappier as the products become more amazing. So, we get an oversized iPod Touch for $1799 with a nice hardware keyboard and a hard disk drive with the capacity of a laptop from the early 1990s. Truly newsworthy. What’s more you get to carry around all the little things they carved out of that cardboard of a notebook like an optical drive, ethernet, and so on. Good luck cramming that into the generously allocated single USB port. Maybe you’ll find the rest of your computer “in the air”.

Haha. I’m not going to front. I want that baby. Only with a 100GB hard drive and for $800. Really. It would be a nice second laptop to carry around while I leave the main machine at home. Maybe it’s something to think about in the future but I still believe that hard drive capacity on the internal storage matters.

I wonder if all the wireless stuff will make the MacBook Air a success. Vaio did this in the mid 90s. I kid you not. They engineered out all the ports and drives to produce some really thin laptops back in the day but people got tired of having a “super small and light” laptop with all the peripherals dangling about like a desperate brood of bastard children clinching their anorexic mother.

I’ll let the fools stupid enough to buy this one and scoop the more improved version bound to come. Also, thanks for charging $20 to upgrade that crippled iPod Touch you sold me after Christmas. I got all that on the pod already minus the “wiggly” dock. Thanks for kicking your loyal customers in the nuts. I can’t wait for next years Mac World. I heard a rumor that Leopard will finally come out of beta.