Is Paid Blogging Here to Stay?

Seems like I’m reading about another “pay for a blog host” scheme… err service. I don’t think anybody’s going to kill it though. The fact is 99% of the blogs out there never see the light of day and simply live in the shadows of bigger blogs that get the most revenue. The average blogger is clueless about building a readership and monetizing that content.

It’s kind of like corruption in developing countries. You have this big income gap and perceived lack of fair compensation so some people take a little money on the side. The legitimate opportunities provided by adsense and the like make more money for the networks and service providers.

I don’t think these “paid stealth reviews” will be all that lucrative though, at least on a major scale simply because as evidenced by the influx of companies it’s so easy to get in and hard to gain a blogger’s loyalty. Plus the margin on these things are bound to go down substantially as more players enter the market and these dime-a-dozen “reviews” flood the net.

Still, I just don’t see the major hang up with disclosure and all that. There are lots of well trafficked blogs that are more or less gearing their content to advertisers be it targeted keywords for adsense or to keep things in line with large advertising account holders. With or without disclosure if you right something without passion and conviction it’s going to hurt you. Paid or unpaid.

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