Is MyBlogLog Only Doing Mutual Contacts Now?

Today I added a couple friends to MLB only to discover that suddenly the count dropped quite a bit. Checking on the people that showed up in my contacts it looks like only mutual contacts show up in your friends section and that they’re making a major change in their policy.

Unfortunately, there’s no official word at this point and I don’t think the changes have propagated just yet. You probably need to add a couple friends to trigger the change.

I was wondering when something like this would happen. If Eric’s profile is any indication, MLB has well over 62,821 users and their policies on what they consider spam and how define contacts will make a big difference to their future.

Currently, they’ve got quite a few users for a very young and still developing site (I would even call it alpha). I can’t wait till they add some real community functionality for my blogs instead of just a list of people who joined.

baronVC – MyBlogLog