I caved into curiosity and happened on an invite to i’m in like with you. I was curious about it despite the unfortunate name or more because the unfortunate name. It begs the question, “what makes it so different?” and “how do they keep the buzz?”. Usually I try to avoid Flash-heavy sites like movie pages. They bog down the browser and try to force you into an ugly custom interface. I think that’s why Google Maps appeals to geeks more than Yahoo Maps because Google goes brute force trying to make things work cross browser with AJAX which is enough to earn geek respect. But I digress…

I really can’t say anything new or witty about IILY. Like other’s have said, it is like Ebay for flirting. You basically have to woo and win the right to flirt with the obsession of your choice with points. You can make flirting games where you pose a question or offer a prize.

They’ve got a bunch of camera toys to capture you on video with a sprinkling of visual effects like glitters and flames to make it interesting. Think Photobooth on the mac.

Chatting with a friend, I think the general consensus is that it probably doesn’t have enough broad appeal outside the geek set. Of course, trying to woo women from behind a glass cage will eventually lure geek men into it like a honey trap but still, IILY needs to find a sweet spot for the general user if they plan on keeping it “by invite only” as they say.

Having said that, IILY is a shock to the system on so many levels because it brings you an immediate jolt of “fun” from the first moments you log in. It’s a flirting game with probably one of the best Flash interfaces out there very tastefully done. They are onto something good but still a long way to go. Like any dating or flirting site, you need something to keep people coming back.

Like any other such site the odds favor attractive young women. How do you make it less onerous for the women who get bombarded by digital advances from all the creepy crawlies while not setting the bar too high for the creepy crawlies themselves? It’s a difficult question but IILY does have one thing going for it in this department: fresh meat.

I’d be interested to see how IILY unfolds. From the bidding wars I’ve seen and participated in, it might even have a good revenue source from the get go if they can figure out a good way to exchange points for cash.