I’m the Blogger, She’s the CEO

You know that blogging is going big time when you hire a CEO to manage your portfolio of blogs. The fact that TechCrunch just hired away the Senior Vice President of Mergers and Acquisitions at Fox Interactive Media just makes it that much more amazing.

Stan Schroeder makes a good point at Deep Jive Interests:

It surprises me that he waited so long. I’m totally annoyed by having to even think about stuff that hasn’t got anything to do with producing content. If some marketing guru saw the potential in my site and were ready to take over the promotion/marketing/PR aspects of my site (and the other sites which I’ll be launching, well, very soon (; ) for a portion of the profits, I’d say yes immediately.

TechCrunch is really fortunate (without discounting the hardwork that went in) to gain the traction and reputation that it has. The fact is, there are excellent blogs like Frantic Industries that have everything in place (excellent content, good design, and a passionate writer) and yet haven’t reached its full potential because there’s no one actively marketing it.

It’s the free agent bloggers that are losing the biggest opportunities. It’s practically every other day that I come across well-produced blogs like SMITH Magazine that has excellent content yet seems under trafficked.

Even a blog with decent stats can expect to struggle when it comes to getting it’s worth in monetization schemes simply because advertisers like dealing with a single outlet with the most traffic or at least a good network of content.

Here’s to the free agent bloggers.

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