If You Really Want to Know if there is A-list Blogging…

There’s a raging debate about whether there are A-list bloggers and blue collar bloggers. It might be a bit hard for the A-list to see how far they’ve come and just assume the perks they enjoy are simply open to all. Here’s are some quick exercises to see how different blogging is for the A-list blogger and blue collar blogger.

If you are an A-list blogger:

Start up a brand new blog, don’t tell anyone the domain, write exactly what you would write for 3 months. Keep tabs on the traffic and report back.

Or A-listers and blue collars could:

Switch blogs with a blogger you like (preferably with a similar writing style) for a month and report back on your observations.

Now, I’m not in any way saying the A-list bloggers don’t deserve their success or recognition because they do, especially for being pioneers, but if you had to start it all over again without your name you might not find the same amount of exposure. I think that’s a fair point that A-listers could easily grant because it’s the truth.

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