How to Really Submit a Banned Site to Digg

A while back Paul Stamatiou made a post about how to get on Digg after your domain is banned. Don’t know if he’s on a “devil may care” deathwish because he was banned from Digg but he gets no dice because he’s using sneaky redirects and stuff that is sure to be against Digg’s policy. Plus, it’s way too complicated for the average person to implement.

So basically I came up with a 2 step process that’s not against any policy so far as I know where you can submit stories from banned sites to Digg without any sneaky redirects. It’s a win win situation for everyone.

  1. Submit story from banned site to
  2. Submit story to Digg


Who knows maybe it’ll catch on.

How To: Get on Digg If Your Domain Is Banned –

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