Hot Tub Time Machine

Hot Tub Time Machine is a mid-life crisis movie. Three friends and a nephew go on a ski excursion when Lou attempts suicide to cheer him up. The dilapidated resort town of their youthful conquests is deserted and run down. As the situation degenerates into a train wreck situation, they find the hot tub in the backyard (where they just found a dead racoon) miraculously fixed. As they drink their way into oblivion the tub swirls them back into the 1980s in their youthful forms though they look young to everyone else.

There were some humorous moments but it’s pretty much a trailer movie, you know where if you see the trailer you saw the movie. The retro 80s fashion was definitely fun to see (and the women looked hot in their hair-spray and heavy mascara) but there wasn’t enough tension or comedic vehicles to carry the film through. It needed some kind of twist. Title was awesome, that’s without question.