Hangover Part II

The funny thing about sequels is that they are rarely better than the original but generate more money. Hangover Part II is no exception but definitely worth watching. It’s hard to beat the original. Four guys wake up in Las Vegas after a bachelor’s party sans bachelor with the nastiest of hangovers and no recollection of the night before. All they have are hints of a truly wild night like a tiger in the bathroom and missing a tooth.

This time it’s Stu, the dentist, getting married in Thailand (where his beautiful fiance is from). Despite all the precautions they take, all of them wake up in a dirty hotel in Bangkok, miles away from the wedding, Stu has a Mike Tyson tattoo on his face, Alan’s head is shaved, and the only trace of the bride’s brother is his severed finger, complete with Stanford ring.

Despite all the rotten reviews from critics and the strong preconception that this film just shouldn’t work, it manages to hit all the right notes. Surprisingly, even though the plot follows the familiar template of the original, it’s got enough twists of originality to establish the film on its own. The most important aspect is that chemistry of Stu, Alan, and Phil can carry this franchise indefinitely.

I think the only test that matters for comedy sequels is will you get more laughs than re-watching the original? To that this film lives up to the promise.