Good Will Hunting

Good Will Hunting had to be the best damn movie I’ve seen in a while. It’s the stuff legends are literally made of. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck wrote the script when they were still nobodies. Studios wanted to buy the script but there was one string attached, they had to star in it. Matt and Ben are young Irish-American punks always getting in trouble. Ben’s a construction worker and Matt’s a janitor at MIT, only the difference is Matt’s smarter than the kids that go there.

It’s not a combination anybody can pull off easily but Matt does it in style. A brash punk trying too hard to hide his vulnerabilities and oblivious or maybe even afraid of his own brilliance. His luck catches up with him when he assaults an officer while giving his childhood bully a long overdue beat down. The only thing that keeps him from doing time is a deal brokered by the MIT professor, Lambeau, who caught him solving theorems his best students couldn’t dent.

As part of the deal, Matt needs to receive therapy in addition to helping Lambeau with is research and that’s when Robin Williams steps up to the plate, a brilliant psychologist from the same rough neighborhood, a man who never lived up to his potential because he lived by a different standard of success.

Everything about the film is brilliant. I wouldn’t add or subtract a thing from it. Ben and Casey Affleck are just perfect playing lower class youth with chip on their shoulder, trading insults and roughing other punks up. Lambeau, is the white knight trying to convince a confused kid of his own brilliance while forced to recognize that he’s just an intellectual midget compared to some punk janitor he discovered. Robin Williams is the fatherly figure, the only adult not after his own glory or looking to add a trophy to his resume, and really the only man who cares if Matt is happy aside from Matt’s new love.

The hurt, angst, love against the back drop of both the roughest and finest that Boston has to offer. Everything is just perfect.

Good Will Hunting