Garbage In Garbage In

The main problem with our digital lifestyle is the fact that there’s too much garbage. What makes it worse is that we have an entire generation raised on this proliferation of garbage regurgitating more garbage. Consider me guilty of this.

In an ideal world we’d cut out all the waste and focus on what matters but instead what I find is more people are simply tuning out. It makes more sense than trying to keep up. Humans don’t scale, corporations do but only to the limited extent to which you relinquish control to autonomous groups.

I’m beginning to feel the only real communication of consequence happens in group settings and of course deeper personal interactions, but more people are shying away from that.

All these so-called communication tools whether devices or web service just hook us into fire hydrants. We have to constantly mind the valve and water source. In real life the people we hang out change naturally with time and where we stand in life. We meet friends of friends through friends, see familiar faces in familiar spots. The web still has potential to evolve but it will take something really innovative for people to fully tune in.