Fighting Repetitive Strain Injury with Powerballs?

I’ve dusted off the old powerball after feeling a weird tingly sensation in my wrists a couple weeks back. I know I’m still okay but it’s hard to ignore the writing on the wall.

Basically, the powerball is a spinning gyroscope that you grip hard and spin around with small movements of your wrist. The faster you get it to spin the more resistance you get. It’s supposed to rehabilitate your wrists by giving it all kinds of resistance to work your muscles evenly.

The little sucker can really go wild but you can’t spin it out anymore than your strength allows unlike free weights (that can make things worse if done wrong). Wrist problems would be a kiss of death for me. I really can’t picture myself blogging or programming with biting on a pencil and pecking on the the keyboard.

If you find yourself in front of a keyboard a lot take care of those wrists!

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