Faking Mindful Meditation with an Eyemask and Ear Plugs

Yesterday, my brain was fried from a weekend of coding. Saturday went great, Sunday just dragged on. At the end of the day I hadn’t really accomplished much more other than confusing myself further on Cocoa development so I decided to take a break and catch up on my untended RSS feeds. And that’s when I came across the talk below on mindful meditation.

I’ve dabbled with relaxation techniques, particularly the “relaxation response” as something offering the full benefits of meditation without any religious overtones. As Dr. Kabat-Zinn mentions in the video, we all have this expectation that it’ll sharpen us with a “samurai mind” that cuts through the clouds with infinite clarity when in fact it should really about “doing nothing” just as it’s advertised.

To make a long story short, I was tired and exhausted so I decided to give it a try, when I had the time which I quickly realized was never. One of the problems with meditation is falling asleep if you are sleep deprived. I can definitely raise my hand to that. So I decided to just bust out a nice set of ear plugs and something to cover my eyes with an eye mask (from a flight I was on) and just quietly lie down pushing away all thoughts like slowly turning down a stereo’s volume.

Today I woke up pleasantly surprised and refreshed on so little sleep. Let’s see if I can do it again tonight! 🙂