Eulogy: Digg Rips Out Rankings from Profiles

The Digg team has ripped out ranking info from their profiles and basically declared war. On what? Nobody really knows. It could be a war against the top users who have installed themselves as the de facto overlords of Digg. It could be against the notion of oligarchy in a democratic social news site. Or it could be a fit of insanity. At this point nobody knows.

I was naive in the notion that Digg would eventually come to their senses, kiss and make up with their biggest contributors, and everyone would go on the slow journey of healing emotional scars. I had a feeling once they took out the top ranking list things would never be the same even if it never came back but ripping the ranking info just goes too far and comes off as unfairly hostile.


If you look at the Digg front page today it looks very barren. No longer will you find the familiar names that you equated Digg with. None of the top posters are submitting stories at the ferocious pace they used to maintain.

This is not an act of protest. This is simply a natural reaction to losing a source of motivation and the sorrow of having invested so much time into Digg only to have your legacy ripped out without any warning or thanks.

Is it me or does Jay Adelson’s comment come off as arrogant:

We no longer display that rank information, so don’t be surprised if Chris’s list is no longer accurate (or stays unchanged). (A Netscape developer?)We are working on other methods of recognition to be displayed in a user’s profile, so stay tuned.

Digg – Overall Ranking Removed From Digg Profiles

Why aren’t these “other methods of recognition” put in place before you go and rip out the rankings? Why the rush? Do you hate your top users so much that you have to go and rip the plaques of recognition off of their walls?

You’ll have to read some of the comments in the stories below for some of the reactions. I would say the outrage has subsided amongst the most passionate of users for one of resignation and defeat. Although some of the top users are still submitting stories I just don’t feel the same drive or quality.

They say anger is the opposite of passion and a healthy sign that things can be fixed. In any relationship indifference kills.

Truth be told, Digg’s system never seemed technically sophisticated. As someone said, it’s more of a glorified forum. They just had great design and a wonderful selection of passionate users because they were first to market. The quality of submissions was propped up by the competition. You could say it was their hidden algorithm.

I don’t think Digg will ever die but even after all mistakes are corrected (and I doubt they will be now that they’re beyond the point of no return) it will never be the same. At least for someone who knew the old Digg.

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Digg – Overall Ranking Removed From Digg Profiles