Did ShoeMoney Really Land a $2500 Review?

Now, I’m not calling anyone a liar or making value judgments but something’s not right here. We all know that ReviewMe caps reviews at $750 or so I thought. It seems that they make some exceptions (see screenshot). Or do they?


Now to be fair, the review is not what you expect for $2500 but everything’s game as long as the parties agree and it really doesn’t matter what a casual reader thinks. There’s some controversy in the comments but in it you find the advertiser speaking out:

I’m not trying to force anyone to read my blog and I value everyones opinion.. the only reason I spent a few hundred bucks for a few ReviewMe reviews (no where near $2500 – I’m not crazy) was to get the ball rolling. I could’ve used free techniques to promote my blog but I just wanted some initial momentum.

ReviewMe: HarpzOn.com – ShoeMoney™

Now, somebody made a mistake here. Either the advertiser miscounted the zeros or there’s a system glitch. After all, until recently, ReviewMe let you claim famous blogs you didn’t even own.

Now, who’s going to pay for this?

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