Did Digg Really Unban Blogs or is it a Database Malfunction?

The blogs are currently buzzing with the news that Digg has reinstated a list of domains previously banned or have they? There is still no official word on Digg’s company blog and I’m with Steve in thinking it’s some kind of a glitch. Not only are all Digg pages very slow to load, various queries take forever or return incomplete results.

Database Wonkiness

John Chow has returned in spectacular form only to get all promising stories buried and put on the fast track to another ban.

On top of that the query for all stories shows a duplicate:


General Amnesty or General Amnesia?

In fact, if you look at the list you’ll see that almost any and every blog that was banned seems to have been unbanned. Anything goes from high-quality tech blogs to celebrity gossip. Is this for real?

Everyone’s still waiting for official word but there is a high probability at this point that they tried to roll out changes and in the process corrupted some of the data, in particular the banned list.

The site loads very slow even when fully logged out. Now if you have lots of friends on Digg you know that the site practically crawls on you. However, if you logout things are actually quite snappy. Well, since the ban was lifted Digg is very slow either way and query results come back incomplete once out of every couple of times.

Same Crap Different Day

At the end of the day, whether the reinstatement is real or not nothing has really changed as long as the bury brigade is in place. They have responded to the news as they always have, by silently moving in to block these domains from enjoying their moment in the sun. In the case of John Chow he just got 4 stories buried in one day.

Will this actually mean anything? Not as long as Digg and the community:

  • Refuses to have an open dialog to establish a sane submission policy (what’s spam and what’s not)
  • Let the bury brigade run free and build increased hostility toward “non-authority” website owners

I guess you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. I’ve got my fingers crossed.


I guess it’s real. Explains the general sluggishness of the site too.

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