Did Blogs Kill StumbleUpon?

Now, read this post carefully before you go ballistic over the title alone. To my SU friends, please ignore and move on as it doesn’t concern you nor is it about you. Don’t get me wrong, I still love StumbleUpon.

It’s also a boon for smalltime bloggers that holds us through the “dog days” of blog traffic. For small time bloggers it’s hard to keep up quality output or sometimes we let a little time pass before a post or two. At which point, all readers including your mother have moved on to more popular blogs.

Still, I’ve noticed a dramatic decline in the quality of stumbles since bloggers caught on to SU. Every other stumble is a blog. Some of them are lackluster opinion pieces (like this) and others are just spam trash. There used to be a time when SU actually gave me stuff I would never find on my own in a very good way. Now it serves me stuff I would never seek out on my own. It still has its moments occasionally and I’m sure most of the problems are due to bloggers promoting their stuff (which should not affect overall performance ever because we’ll do whatever the rules allow and then some because we DO believe our stuff is good whether others agree or not).

Here’s the button we really need on the toolbar:

I guess it’s easy to maintain quality when you have a relatively small and very passionate user base. Probably why Google stays number 1. They still manage to keep the trash at manageable levels. Whatever they learn about filtering I hope they pass on to Ebay.