Developing Web Apps on Windows

I finally got my windows environment up to par though I still have some ways to go. In a sense I’m not really developing on windows since I log in to a regular UNIX server where I check out code and run vim remotely to write the web app. As long as I’m using putty, GNU screen and the Osaka font (which is a nice clone of mac’s Monaco font for the windows platform) it’s really hard to even think I’m even on windows. I guess in a sense a blessing that I don’t have any of my shiny mac apps since it would cut into productivity.

Right now I’m basically writing code on the server via GNU screen (so I can resume coding when I cut my internet connection) and running a test server that connects with the windows Apache to test code. Of course, I could be doing a lot of this out of the box with the mac but once you get a development environment going none of it really matters. I’m just happy that it wasn’t as much of a royal pain as I initially thought.