Coffee and Softdrinks

These days I like my coffee black. Before that I couldn’t imagine coffee without gobs of sugar and loads of milk. I could have easily invented Starbucks as a child if I knew that it wasn’t just my personal quirk. It’s easy to get hooked to sugary coffee if you ever spent any time in Japan because they come in all varieties sold in tiny little cans at any vending machine.

The of course I realized that maybe all that sugar isn’t good for anything but wiring you up for a good 10 minutes before you go scurrying for more like a helpless rat being experimented on.

I never really had an affinity for soft drinks either though I used to drink some every now and then. I do like the carbonated fizz but would rather pass on ingesting the enamel-peeling acid and industrial strength chemicals. I could never understand how people trick themselves into thinking that slapping “diet” on the chemicals and replacing harmful corn starch (even worse than sugar) with some “might give you cancer” sugar replacement makes anything better. There are diet drinks that benefit your health called water and tea.

I guess we’ve all been conditioned since childhood that the only way to “refresh” ourselves is to wire ourselves up with over-priced sugar water loaded with chemicals. The problem is it works every now and then I guess.

I’ve been drinking loads of coffee lately to the point of wondering if it might affect me even without the sugar and milk. My sleep patterns are screwed either way. I guess there’s only one way to find out…

Now I’m off to the gym after drinking a cup of black on an empty stomach and a liter of water for the stationary bike. It’s kinda funny that since I now work in tech (though I haven’t done anything yet), I write more “bloggish” stuff. Definitely, the next one.