WordPress for iPhone is Finally Out

This release was long in the making. Now you can type entries in landscape mode and moderate comments from anywhere. Although there’s nothing like a full-sized keyboard, this will do good for emergencies and those occasions when you really need to write something on the go.

Gregarious 2.0 Beta 1 Blows Competition Out of the Water

Ankur really did an amazing job with this plugin. It’s got Digg and every other social bookmarking plugin that matters all bundled into one. It does indeed blow away all third rate plugins.

You can put a Digg button on it and links to all the social bookmarking sites that matter. What’s even more amazing is that the user interface is par excellence. You do not have to touch a single line in the templates to formate the button just the way you want it. It’s all done from within the plugin interface. On top of that the interface is beautifully designed as well. Really a wonderful plugin. Don’t mess with all the one trick ponies that clutter your blog layout. Just use this one.

It’s finally here… The first Beta of the next generation WordPress social bookmarking plugin – with more features, options and functionality than ever before. The whole system has been (almost) re-written from scratch. That’s a spinning head, tired brain, and over 1500 lines of code.

Vacuous Virtuoso › Gregarious 2.0 Beta 1

Digg This Button Security Hole (fixed)

Looks like the popular Digg This WordPress plugin had a security hole enabling spammers to fake a HTTP referral like they were coming from Digg and plant a Digg button to their article and not yours right on your blog. Wouldn’t that suck? You think you’re getting Diggs and readers think they’re digging your article only to promote spammers.

Be sure to get the Digg that plugin and also spread the word by digging the Digg article below.

UPDATE: The problem’s fixed. Get it here.

Digg – DIGG THAT Released! Fixed security holes in popular Digg wordpress plugin!

Harry Maugans » Digg That