Time for a One Month Transformation

I somehow managed to come across this dude’s blog and it just happened to coincide with the very moment I was having an existential crisis of sorts. I think all of us have these moments where we wake up and look into the mirror and are seized by this irresistible urge to reach through the glass and strangle ourselves whilst screaming, “what the hell have you done to yourself!”. Ever since taking a break from my fitness after getting jumper’s knee, I pretty much went on a downward spiral but even before that I’d say I was more or less “maintaining” rather than breaking new ground. Even aside from fitness, I’ve let too many aspects of my life slide into mediocrity.

Adam Waters’ transformation into this is nothing short of amazing. After embarking on a fitness transformation at the age of 32 he looks better than most will ever look at any point in their lives, including some athletes in their prime. It gives me pause to re-evaluate what I’m doing right now. The answer’s pretty clear. He’s applying all the qualities I’m not exercising right now: intensity, focus, and perseverance.


Intensity is probably the biggest driver of any success. It’s a form of concentration that goes beyond normal. All the greatest achievers are intense, so much so that they burn themselves and everything around them. We’ve all seen athletes engrossed in the moment, shutting out world around them or the artist, with a downright frightening glare taking on the canvas. When you apply intensity, you multiply yourself into somebody that transcends the average you, an instant transformation. Even in our daily lives we sometimes see a friend suddenly transform into something else right before our eyes when given a chance to do something they truly excel at. One minute they’re some slacker without any redeeming qualities the next moment they’re shining like a demi-god.


I distinguish focus from intensity as the object of your intensity. If you are not focused on the right goals, all the intensity in the world will probably drive you to destruction or a heartbreaking dead end. Focusing on what needs to be focused is a shortcut that combined with intensity will take you to new heights.


You can be the most focused and intense person for a week but then slip back into sloth and everything will be for naught. The greatest achievers are always without exception workaholics, some driven to mental instability from their pursuits. Someone who is focused, intense, and constantly striving toward the goal of betterment will continue to multiply the fruits of their labor until they reach the peak of their existence, joining a circle of achievers where admission is scarce.

So, for this month I’m holding myself to task by working out more, not eating junk, reading books, and cutting out slack time. I’m planning a big social event in November that will define a lot of what’s to come for me personally and I intend to make it the start of an amazing journey. We’ll see how it goes.

I wont be posting any pics but will write on my progress for sure.

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Back to Pzizz for My Sleep

I first got Pzizz as part of a discount bundle. I couldn’t really care for it but the price of the app was more than the bundle itself so I decided to spring for it. I really didn’t expect much of it as the homepage was laden with all kinds of new age mumbo jumbo. Since I paid for it, I decided to give it a try anyway and man was I blown away! I went into a deep relaxing state instantly. I’ve tried meditation a couple times, mainly the agnostic “relaxation response” variety. I could never go beyond the occasional success. I always have too many thoughts going on in my mind.
With Pzizz you just zone out and let the voice of Michael Breen put you in a relaxed state. I always find myself coming back to this application especially when my sleep cycle starts getting screwed up by having too much stuff put on my mind by work or life or a crazy combination of it all. It never disappoints. It comes with three modules: sleep, meditation, and energizer. I’ve used the energizer quite a few times on my commute and it simply blows me away. I get suspended in this state between sleeping and waking, totally relaxed. By the time, I get off the train I’m actually looking forward to work regardless of the lack of sleep. The sleep module saved me a couple times after a bout of all night partying, where you get domestic jet lag that simply screws up your weekend. I use it for the second sleep after waking up at some weird hour of the day but still not refreshed.
The program is dead simple to use. It comes on Windows or Mac and one license to put them on any platform of your choice. Windows at work, mac at home or whatever. You can build audio sequences on the fly or export them to your itunes on the go. The sounds can be mixed as you please, adjusting the amount of vocals and serene sounds. Pzizz uses an algorithm to combine the most relaxing, soothing sound sequences (mostly a variety of nature sounds) in a combination that gets your brain in it’s most relaxed state. I’m really not sure of the science behind this and many detractors have called the grounds into question but I bet they haven’t really used it or approached it with an open mind. All I know is that it works and I want an iPhone version.


Faking Mindful Meditation with an Eyemask and Ear Plugs

Yesterday, my brain was fried from a weekend of coding. Saturday went great, Sunday just dragged on. At the end of the day I hadn’t really accomplished much more other than confusing myself further on Cocoa development so I decided to take a break and catch up on my untended RSS feeds. And that’s when I came across the talk below on mindful meditation.

I’ve dabbled with relaxation techniques, particularly the “relaxation response” as something offering the full benefits of meditation without any religious overtones. As Dr. Kabat-Zinn mentions in the video, we all have this expectation that it’ll sharpen us with a “samurai mind” that cuts through the clouds with infinite clarity when in fact it should really about “doing nothing” just as it’s advertised.

To make a long story short, I was tired and exhausted so I decided to give it a try, when I had the time which I quickly realized was never. One of the problems with meditation is falling asleep if you are sleep deprived. I can definitely raise my hand to that. So I decided to just bust out a nice set of ear plugs and something to cover my eyes with an eye mask (from a flight I was on) and just quietly lie down pushing away all thoughts like slowly turning down a stereo’s volume.

Today I woke up pleasantly surprised and refreshed on so little sleep. Let’s see if I can do it again tonight! 🙂