Blog Writing and Regular Writing

I’ve been thinking lately why blog writing is so different from regular writing (especially journalistic writing).

It’s no secret that many successful journalists struggle with blogging as a medium. Of course there are many people who are successful. When you write a blog the words have to stand on their own without the weight of a printed paper or the guaranteed circulation a big media outlet will bring. Blog readers are fickle and quick to dismiss second rate content.

However, it’s not just the weight of big media. Most successful bloggers write with a lighter touch that doesn’t cram a dense array of facts into every sentence. It takes the big issue in bold strokes and peppers it with sharp insights that are personal, opinionated but somehow resonate with the reader.

I think most journalists tackling blogs don’t have the time to research a blog post with the same care as a printed article yet have a hard time finding their voice and articulating insights that hold their own weight without the support of meticulous fact-checking or research. Also, being a successful writer outside of blogging might unintentionally give your words a pompous feel.

I’m still struggling to find my voice but those are just some thoughts.