Adam Sandler the Actor

I’ve seen a couple Adam Sandler movies so naturally I’m now an expert.  The guy’s probably one of the most under-rated actors out there today.  I’ve seen him in Reign Over Me and Punch Drunk Love as well as a couple of his comedies.  When it comes to serious drama he really shows a wide range.  There’s always something slightly comedic no matter how serious the role but nothing that takes away from the performance.  Just a little added flavor.

In Reign Over Me, he was a dentist fighting the depression after losing his entire family in the terrorist attacks.  He was amazingly good playing a man in the deep throes of depression with just enough unintentional comedy to keep it from being a truly depressing film.  In Punch Drunk Love he was a gullible salesman in a tacky blue suit who was clumsy and easily pushed to the limit to go on a destructive rampage.

In both those films he showed a dynamic range of emotions as an actor and a high capacity for developing psychologically complex characters.  Even more amazing considering that he doesn’t play dramatic roles that often.  It’s obvious that this depth is the hidden spice in the various comedic roles he’s played especially those with romantic themes like 50 First Dates.