A Wishlist for Steve Jobs

Now that the Macworld Expo is looming, I thought I would put out some wishes for Uncle Steve. I really don’t want anything big or fancy. Here we go.

Fix Those Damn Leopard Issues Good

I was all chuckling and smug at the little jokes made at Windows users and Vista victims at their expense. It was all nice and funny until Leopard came and bit me hard. Why wasn’t I told this was a release candidate? I can’t even get multilingual keyboard input working with an external keyboard on a macbook. The bluetooth mouse goes AWOL. Plus, if you password protect your sleep mode or screen saver, well sweet dreams good luck raising it from the dead. Why oh why was this even released? I really should have stayed with Tiger. In fact I’m typing this on Tiger. How sad is it that I have a dual boot system for Tiger and Leopard. I’m rooting for you Steve. Call those phone people back and embrace them with open arms because this cat needs all the help it can get.

Release Thy Phone and iPod with Touch

I know that this iPhone/iPod Touch is your precious baby. I love the touch too. I love it so much that I’ve hacked it to death and I’m tired of playing a tug of war with your engineers. Why must firmware updates be the kiss of death for all the nice little third party applications and data. It’s just not cool. I paid for this device and I’d like to put whatever data or application on it as I please. Yes, I’m sure you’re concerned about all the nasty crackers out to take iPhone/Touch users for a ride along with all their precious data but there has to be a better way.

Might as Well as Call a Spade a Spade

On a related note, we might as well as let the secret out in the open. That iPhone/Touch is none other than a OSX. A very stripped down but very functional one. Of course, good luck if you want all the BSD goodies or UNIX tools you’ve come to love. No luck to you unless your hack it using third party offerings. This is unfortunate because we’re treating a brilliant little nano computer as a mere music/video player with phone capabilities when it is so much more.

Wifi Syncing for iPod Touch

Yeah, I’ve been spending just a little too much time with the iPod touch but one of the things I wish I could do is sync my iPod Touch using available wifi connections. There really isn’t a need to tether the Touch or iPhone to a mac unless it’s to give it some juice. It would be so much more convenient. Maybe even .mac syncing for the Touch/iPhone while we’re at it.

About the only new product I’m rooting for is the subnotebook and there is no way in hell I’m buying that first generation product. I really want Apple to focus on the line up they have and hire enough brilliant engineers without spreading them thin like they did this past couple of years.