A Virtual Tour of Kyoto

I went on a day and a half tour of Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan, doing the typical tourist thing. These days, too much of my life is virtual despite the fact that I actually commute to an office full of people, we’re all basically working on the same family of web services it still leaves me with a bit of longing for “the real”.

Nothing could be better than visiting Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan, which was the home of Japanese nobility until the Meiji Revolution/Restoration. The Kansai area has a healthy mixture of modern and ancient you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

Despite the people of Kansai being more lively and direct than their Kanto counterparts, the economy still feels a bit sluggish, especially compared to the booming Nagoya area.

I took a bunch of photos for my virtual tour of Kyoto. I tried to capture the experience from a first person perspective from the train ride to Kyoto and back. I especially wanted to capture the tourist spots from both a first-person perspective (throngs of tourists flooding the scenery) and a detached perspective (cutting out all the tourists and framing the beautiful scenery as it was intended to be seen). Do check it out.


Tourists desperate for the money shot.



The cleaned up waterfront area of Dotonbori.




Real bling.


Gratuitous voyeur shot of girl with butterfly tattoo on upper back.




Black Ebisu, not to be confused with black Elvis.