A Tribute to the Unsung Heroes of Digg (Bury Brigade Top 50)

I’m sure some of you have noticed a big story today of how David LeMieux uncovered the name of Digg users executing buries through a Digg flaw thanks to Muhammad Saleem’s report. The flaw was patched shortly giving David access to 1700+ buries including the user name and stories buried. Unfortunately, it’s a raw massive list.

I’ve calculated (and unfortunately I’m weak in this area so correct me if wrong) that 207 users executed 1665 buries (around 8 per user) after weeding out users recorded for two stories.

However, don’t take this list as the truth, as David notes elsewhere:

Yeah, the real to false ratio was about 1:4 so one out of every 4 burries was actually committed by the user. They have apparently fixed the hole, and quite quickly too.
Take it with a grain of salt. Yet even with all the false data, some people are as diligent with their burying as the top submitters.

So, without further ado here are the users with most buries showing the number of buries in parentheses and a link to their profile followed by some of the most unpopular stories.

What does this tell us? Who knows. I’m not even going to comment but you’ll find some interesting discussions in the references at the very bottom.

The Top Buriers

  1. glenjammin(275)

  2. ahsen74(94)

  3. adm58(94)

  4. miketrin(93)

  5. raistlinmajere(59)

  6. hhp2k(38)

  7. bigbill62629(30)

  8. txcinc(28)

  9. goatomatic(27)

  10. saintdogbert(26)

  11. phinnfort(26)

  12. edgeoforever(24)

  13. sentone(23)

  14. lotus22(22)

  15. undefined(21)

  16. disposablerob(20)

  17. tsunamisteve(20)

  18. bglodde(19)

  19. kingofthegreens(17)

  20. naio21(17)

  21. tracon(16)

  22. saikhan(16)

  23. framitz(14)

  24. canewediggit(14)

  25. dilesmavis(14)

  26. bradisbest(14)

  27. arkanok(14)

  28. waysa(13)

  29. bluesbyrd(13)

  30. registration11(12)

  31. offcamber(12)

  32. willis77(11)

  33. burmask(11)

  34. mushoo(11)

  35. whiskeymb(11)

  36. kylesellers(10)

  37. novusopiate(10)

  38. evil-doer(10)

  39. harumph(10)

  40. tu13erhead(9)

  41. shiftt(9)

  42. otto(9)

  43. chaseb(9)

  44. emmsee(9)

  45. batfink(8)

  46. jlunski(8)

  47. cameron074(8)

  48. schezar(8)

  49. carpeaqua(7)

  50. mariod505(7)

The Most Buried Stories


Digg Expose Data

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Deep Jive Interests » Digg’s Dark Future And The Battle For Online Censorship

Digg’s Bury Feature Needs a Funeral at Reeverb

For those of you that want to see the whole list and play with the data, I’ve made the CSV file and some of the raw processed stuff. I’d throw in the amateur scripts I used too but it would be too embarrassing to publish.

The File