A Beautiful Mind

You really have to be a good sport when watching a movie based on a true story.  That or avoid reading the book it’s based on.  Alas, I’m neither a good sport and I actually read the book a while back.  The book was a riveting read that brilliantly captured the misguided struggles of a towering intellect exposed to even greater character flaws.

So much was fictionalised and distorted out of proportion to really see it as part of the same narrative.  I suppose if you omit the outbreak of schizophrenia and cut to the acceptance of the Nobel Prize, you’d have about as much of the movie that was worth it.

I mainly got a kick out of watching Russell Crowe, still in his very muscular and physical prime, playing a socially inept mathematician.  Crowe did a brilliant job but still leaves a bit to be desired.

A Beautiful Mind (film)