8 Random Things About Me

I finally found time to do this meme! By blogging at work of course! lol

Let’s see if I can last:

  1. I was born in Japan (and live here as well)
  2. I’m fluent in Japanese
  3. I learned to swim as an adult (and still suck but hey)
  4. Worked as a paper boy in elementary school for 6 months
  5. Founded a social group for mixed race people in Japan (still going strong)
  6. created a Japanese blog that generated millions of pageviews through a variety of techniques
  7. Learned how to program (kinda) as an adult
  1. skipped a grade in school

    It’s amazing how boring I seem from these random facts. I haven’t “lived it up” much I suppose.

    Since starting work, life’s been a mad rush of events. The amazing thing is I manage to exercise more than I did when I had all the time in the world. I can obviously get more out of an hour now than ever before. I somehow forgot how work creates a pressure cooker environment that forces you to do more.

    One thing I vow never to do again is work dreadfully long hours even if it means I give up on promotions or whatever. The toll it takes in addition to the horrid commute you have to put up in Japan is just not worth it.

    My real dream is to start my own company but before that I need to get in shape for the beach this Saturday!

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