50 Best Websites 2007, I don’t Think TIME Quite Gets It

I was just going over Time.com Top 50 and can’t help but wonder what kind of criteria they used to select these sites. Now, many of the sites are well known and solid choices but if you spend any amount of time online (no pun intended) you’d already know about them. The other choices are quirky at best. I guess TIME is firmly grounded in the reality of print media to the point of not being able to see part of the bigger picture of the web.

Oh well, at least they picked MySpace & Evite for the 5 Worst Websites.

What I want to know more than that is what are the greater trends governing the web. Why are micro-blogging type social networks like Twitter gaining ground. What are the implications of Facebook’s open platform for the widgetization of other apps. Is there any staying power for lifecasting such as justin.tv now that we have higher quality video codecs, faster computers, and better broadband?

The last thing I need is a list of popular websites (that’s what Alexa’s for) or quirky ones (I have my own favorites and many more recommended by friends) that make no statement one way or the other. It also shows that we’re approaching an era of stagnation where big sites stay big while others simply whither.

It strikes me how many of the sites are simply information outlets for big media. I guess Google’s separated the wheat from the chaff so well that you’re either niche or big time. Food for thought or not.

Rank Our Picks – 50 Best Websites 2007 – TIME

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