5 Reasons Why I’m Getting Sick and Tired of Lists

By 2008 all our knowledge will be converted into lists and the bits that don’t fit it will be discarded. Here are 5 reasons why I’m getting sick of them.

5. I’ve Seen them All

I’m guilty of spreading the filth too but really, I’ve seen every possible type of list over this last month that I could write a “Top 10 List of the Top 10 Lists You’ll See.”

4. They All Suck

Trust me, 90% of the people that write these lists create them in 10 minutes or less. First, they start with a title like “5 Ways to Please Your Wife”. Then they Google “Ways to Please Your Wife” and pick 5. Oops. I think I gave away a trade secret.

3. Lists Spur More Lists

It’s like sneezing or yawning. When you see someone do it you have to fight the urge to do one too. Within minutes of people read this list we’ll start seeing “5 Reasons Why I Still Can’t Get Enough Lists”.

2. Nobody Really Cares

Sad but true. What’s the best list you read this week? Hello? I rest my case.

1. It’s Just Linkbait

Sorry I had to break the news to you but yes that list you read about “5 Ways to Tell if You’re Gullible” wasn’t written for your benefit and even contains false information. They just wanted more links. What do you think I wrote this for?