5 Popular Ways to Get on Digg

1. Write a Simple List

Usually somewhere around 10-20. It can be anything as long as it’s interesting and easy to digest. If you have a hobby or a field you know a little something about, chances are you’ve got a good digg or two.

Examples of this range from The best twenty Mac apps you’ve never heard of! to 8 things you may not have known about iTunes.

2. Submit a Story About Digg

One thing about Digg and Digg users is that Digg users love Digg and they also love themselves. Naturally.

3. Show Your Unabashed Affection of Kevin Rose

When writing about Digg fails it never hurts to idolize Kevin Rose.

4. Write an Impractical Howto Article

The caveat is that the howto has to be interesting to the point of being totally impractical. The cooler the subject matter and the less likely an average Digg user will attempt it the more likely it will collect lots of diggs.

How about making that bookshelf into a secret door?

5. Rampant Industry Speculation

The end of 2006 and beginning of 2007 turned out to be a really boon year for all kinds of speculation thanks to the next generation of OSes, leopard and vista. Another popular one is the still mythical iPhone”.

Of course it never hurts to include a little gratuitous Micro$oft bashing. If you’re going to post false stories, they should be almost believable and accompanied with Photoshopped mockups.