24 Season 6 Mid-season Impressions

Well, so much for tightly focusing my blog. I want to ramble! I’ve been watching the past two seasons of 24 and it’s quite entertaining. A story happening in realtime (if you overlook the fact that no one seems to sleep and yet function at 100%) and a twisted plot line make for some good entertainment. Talk about a really long day at work.

Now that we’re on episode 12 of Season 6, I can say that we’ve come to the point that things have gotten really weird again. I haven’t seen the earlier seasons, which probably do a better job since the ideas are still fresh but the plot gets so twisted and mangled when you’re running multiple story lines that you start getting these crazy corrections of course to somehow bring everything together as the season progresses. Not to mention the off-the-wall twists and character deaths that 24 is famous for.

To be honest, I’m starting to feel a little bit disappointed by the progression of this season. Too many wacky conspiracies within the Presidential administration (do they not screen these people?) and the Bauer family is just way too dysfunctional.

Kiefer’s acting is getting a little worn out too. I didn’t think so last season but this time around he seems really tired of playing Jack Bauer, like there’s really nothing left for him to do. I don’t think big screen actors are cut out for television just like actors in popular television shows rarely hit it big on the silver screen. Kiefer’s really tied up all year with the show so much that he can’t really invest too much in other projects. I think the weight of it is killing his enthusiasm. Maybe it’s just me but in the last season I could feel more emotion in his acting even though by definition, Jack Bauer is a stoic man who tries not to show his emotions.

This is all despite the fact that I was really enthusiastic by the first couple of episodes. It really kicked off the season with a bang and the plot seemed real sharp. I also think one of the things making it hard to get into this season is the lack of a really bad ass enemy who antagonizes Jack to no end. Right now it’s still a wild goose chase and the villains are very one dimensional.

I don’t know how this season is going to wrap up but I sure hope that it gets a little better after this.