24 Season 6 Final Impressions

Now that there probably aren’t many people in the known English-speaking universe who haven’t seen all the episodes of 24 Season 6 I think I can finally speak. Yeah, it took me a while.

Season 6 was a mixed bag for me. The first couple episodes really had me on the edge of my seat and eagerly anticipating the next installment but somewhere near the middle things simply took a turn from weird to worse. Not to be a geek critic but some top secret circuit board that can unlock a nation’s defense systems was too weak a plot vehicle for me. I mean that’s like using your first name as a password to your bank account. It also sucks how the terrorists and other antagonists always stipulate a deadline that fits in with 24’s timetable. Like wow, 15 minutes happens to be the amount of time left in this episode minus commercials. Coincidence? Perhaps.

Looks like we’ll be treated to at least two more days of 24 but I sure hope they do something inject new life into the series other than killing off three quarters of the cast or something else as stupidly drastic.

On a different note, the final episode was showed Jack more emotional and vulnerable than ever. A lot of the dialogue near the end between the characters felt genuine. I think part of it was the actor’s sincerely glad that this horrible season came to an end and their characters would not be returning.

I know, I’m being hard. Tough love. Tough love!

One character I certainly don’t need to see anymore is Jack’s psychopathic father. It’s just too unreal. That and the fact that bad acting seems to run in Jack’s side of the family with the hysterical sister-in-law whose idea of expressing fear is a eerie frozen smile with eyes wide open. Jack’s nephew could also use some acting lessons too. The kid either read the dialogue off the back of his hand or used a TelePrompTer.

24 pretty much ran the gamut of all the terrorists they could possibly fight. I wonder what’s next.