Twits and Such for 2009-03-30

Twits and Such for 2009-03-29

  • Scholarship showdown. You can put one of these bright ones into college: #
  • Startup Riot 2009 keynote: #
  • I want hippie long hair #
  • RT WizardParadox: richstyles I thought that said I won’t long nipple hair Just about awake #
  • RT @gradmissions: no mullet 4 U? Mullets = business up front, party at the back. Compromise solution between a job & partying on weekends #
  • @toddnash haha, I ended up giving up myself. What was the point of integratingn FB connect on that site!? in reply to toddnash #
  • @TierraBarber only cute animals in reply to TierraBarber #
  • I’m gonna buy a dell inspiron mini with Ubuntu. Maybe do some commute hacking. #
  • @savantelite unfortunately, Dell is he only company that sells Ubuntu netbooks in Japan. Didn’t feel like paying a M$ tax in reply to savantelite #
  • Feeling oddly refreshed for a Monday morning #
  • IBM acquiring SUN? #
  • stomach is growling. Sending me alerts that I need to ignore #
  • Lawrence’s Women in Love is turning out to be quite intense from the start. Didn’t realize how rich 20th century English literature was #
  • Looks like Mixi’s trying to catch up with the FaceBook platform: #

Twits and Such for 2009-03-27

Twits and Such for 2009-03-26

  • don’t feel sleepy today but do feel tired. Win some lose some #
  • feel like going home. Let’s see what amazing things I can accomplish in the next 15 minutes. #
  • Forgot my glasses at work. Oh well #

Twits and Such for 2009-03-25

  • Did you know that there’s only one timezone for the People’s Republic of China? #
  • about to test the effects of green tea on hunger #
  • This year’s #macheist doesn’t seem too hot #
  • Not many people realize that Apple is making a lot of money off exchange rate differences on the App store. A 99 cent app goes for 115 yen #
  • you know what? I really should carry a couple Vitamin C tablets with me now that I think about it #
  • RT @Katreeeena: I’ve gotta go now, my house is on fire.. #
  • now for part 2 of my day #

Twits and Such for 2009-03-24

Twits and Such for 2009-03-23

  • lethargic #
  • @Makkada yeah, but I when I listen to hunger it’s usually my body fat talking in reply to Makkada #
  • Sure, makes perfect sense. YOU ARE NOT ADDICTED TO TWITTER. Now we can all not lose sleep and move on. #
  • bitten by the pig again… #
  • Not off to a good start #
  • @ techcrunch you definitely need to improve your Japanese language version. The translations suck pretty bad. #
  • @sarahlynn24 welcome to our club. Would you like a side order of vodka with that? in reply to sarahlynn24 #

Twits and Such for 2009-03-22

  • Nice nap almost feel ready for the rain #
  • Need to stop being so lazy on weekends. Parties starting with cherry blossoms next week #
  • Got some exercise this morning. Not a bad start for a Monday. Slept like a baby too. Wish it would last the week #
  • @Kumikat we’re headed to Yoyogi park this Saturday. in reply to Kumikat #
  • so sooooo hunngggrrryyyyy #
  • @shoesandbooks your only a tequila away from happiness in reply to shoesandbooks #