Twits and Such for 2008-09-29

  • not…. motivated…. at…. all… #
  • Just killed the third cockroach of this season #
  • @People4Earth I could gently caress the cockroach and talk it into leaving I suppose #
  • @marquibeck thanks for the heads up #

Twits and Such for 2008-09-26

  • it’s only morning and I’m already hungry… #
  • @iconsam If you can count 3 days as religious, maybe. ha. #
  • early lunch to quell the hunger. #
  • Koizumi, of the few Japanese politicians to be worth a damn, is gonna retire. Doesn’t help that his flunkie son is taking over his district #
  • thank goodness for carbs. don’t feel as hungry. pasta helps you think #
  • not exactly hungry but I think I’ll eat a salad anyway #

Program Day 3

Day three was relapse city. It all started well with the usual calisthenics and such. Of course, the harried morning meant no cardio (again), reminding me that I need to set morning priorities during the weekday as I really don’t have too much time before I have to make the dreaded commute. I do skip the bus ride to the nearest station for some walking, which is acceptable.

As usual, I had a modest lunch, a couple bite-sized snacks and salad at more or less hourly intervals. However, by the time I headed home I was tired, exhausted and looking for some escape. Of course, brilliant ideas come to me at moments like this so I decided to buy some Jack Daniels on the way home since it would surely have less carbs than beer so I ended up downing a small bottle (200 ml) while watching a movie and ended up eating a couple pieces of chocolate and grapes. Alcohol + oppression = triumphant release = regret.

So, I think I’ll just give up abstaining and go for moderation.

66.2kg 14.6%

Twits and Such for 2008-09-25

  • October should be a good month for iPhone apps, Facebook is going full-featured and WordPress is getting landscape mode and comments #
  • Hunger pangs far from vicious today. #
  • finally getting my water retention under control after weeks, needed more water. Must have been drinking too much alkie-hall #
  • Heading home early. Lack of overtime’s gonna hurt my paycheck but wouldn’t want to stay a minute longer than needed #
  • Maybe I’ll shave my head with the spare time #
  • @scfit 66.2kg 14.6% #

Program Day 2

Temptations. Vices become all the more enticing when you can’t indulge in them. Don’t know if it was the heavy reading the night before but I couldn’t wake up and ended up sleeping in. No cardio as planned. Managed to sneak in a couple pull ups and squats before heading out to work. Drank copious amounts of water at home and work. Seems to be releasing me from water retention, at least I feel less bloated.

Lunch was the same kind of sandwich of a different variety. By 2PM I was desperate for food that I bought a little salad at the local convenience store and chewed on that VERY slowly to savor every moment. On the way home I drank some tea laced with Japanese potato wine and chewed on dried fish. It was a subdued moment of pleasure as I usually chomped on potato chips whilst drinking beer. Those were good times.

Did a couple more pull ups and other forms of exercise when I got home. Fell asleep on the train while trying to read though. Only day 2 of the journey. This is going to be rocky.

Body Weight 67.1kg 16.4% fat

Twits and Such for 2008-09-24

  • @gf3 well, lets just say alcohol, junk food, etc. #
  • @gf3 should be character-building if it lasts #
  • Waves of hunger washing over me like an army of clamorous crabs. Oh sandwich thou art but a distant vision of love from thine past #
  • Heading home hungry. Torture. I’ll probably look malnourished if I do lose weight. #
  • Realized mid-day that the shirt I was wearing depicted bombs being dropped on the Middle East, albeit in the form of chill pills #
  • @Jackley LOL. fancy a visit to the Arab corner with me? #
  • @truebosko 1.78m, forget if that’s 5’10 or 5’9 #
  • @scfit 67.1kg 16.4% #

Program Day 1

Woke up today on day one, technically it could be day 10, who cares. This is where I start documenting. First thing I did was drink a tall glass of filtered water. They say that drinking plenty of water helps keep your appetite in check. Yesterday’s rigorous elliptical machine cardiovascular workout had satiated my need for any such exercise today so I rested. Instead I did 2 sets of 7 pull ups.

Body Weight 67.2kg 14.5% Fat

I arrived at work and proceeded to drink even more water. They say that drinking plenty of water helps keep your appetite in check. Oddly, I felt like tearing the wall out by noon. At a small sandwich instead. Ate it with cold, black coffee, the kind they sell in small cans over here.

Read an entire book on the train to and back from work with a little lunch time thrown in. Got home and ate some fermented beans with hot sauce (for extra burn). Calories should be at a deficit.

So this is how the journey begins. Will probably do some more pull ups or dips or something before bed.